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About DJDC

Who are we?

We are DJ Donovan's Crew, a group of young and passionate students interning at Coro's Exploring Leadership program, trying to spread awareness around communities struck by food insecurities and deserts, as well as giving opportunities to help and get help.



Exploring Leadership (EL) is a transformative summer program that trains high school students to become active citizens and assume leadership roles in their communities.


The program increases Youth Fellows’ abilities in critical thinking and goal setting, ultimately giving them the skills to become effective facilitators and collaborators for community change.

Meet The Crew


Ajene Snaer

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He/him, enjoys making music and watching sports.


Annie Lu

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She/her, enjoys drawing, cooking, & being in nature.


Astrid Utting

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She/her, enjoys writing and long walks. Passionate about local politics and youth perspective.


Brenda Fuentes-Juárez

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She/her, enjoys hiking and hanging out with friends and family. She's passionate about making a change and impact on others.


Briana Zepeda

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She/her, enjoys playing soccer and drawing. Looking to improve her leadership skills and using those skills so give back to her community.


Catherine (Cahn) Hung

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They/them, enjoys drawing and music. Wants to learn more about what makes a leader.


Deanna K Nguyen

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She/her, musician. Has also a passion for political/social activism.


Erik Ou

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He/him, enjoys playing basketball and listening to music.


Gia Thu (Ivy) Thai

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She/her, enjoys baking and being in nature. Looking forward to step up more for other newcomer students.

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Hayden Gong

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He/him, likes to play basketball and run his online tutoring program, Virtual Tutoring SF.


Katharine (Kat) Biggar

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She/her, enjoys playing and coaching sports as well as writing about things she's passionate about.


Kyle Jung

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He/him, enjoys watching sports and listening to music.


Lauren Tran

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She/her, enjoys reading and basketball. She prioritizes being an inclusive leader.


Samantha Ma

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She/her, loves drawing and reading, has a passion for helping others.

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Satya Zamudio

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She/her, enjoys dancing, baking, and community organizing. She wants to excite her peers about important social issues, and lead them to create change.

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Vincent Ng

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He/him, loves music & loves to swim. Wishes to improve himself in broad aspects & become a better leader in the future.

Donovan  Gayles

He/him, likes playing and watching basketball, reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. Wants to expand his awareness and learn to be a better advocate for BIPOC communities

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